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My 10 year-old has been studying with Ellie for the past 3 years. She is an incredibly thoughtful teacher who is always thinking of new ways to engage and motivate her students. She has high expectations, teaches appropriate repertoire, taking into account both student preference and balance, and thinks long-term about what is best for each student. My child has grown tremendously under her tutelage, both technically and musically, and always enjoys his lessons.
    "Cambridge Parent of a 5th Grader"

I have studied with Ms. Perrone for almost 3 years now and Ms. Perrone is by far the best piano instructor I've had over the course of my 8 years of studying piano. I was suggested to take private-lessons with Ms. Perrone through Rivers School Conservatory in Weston, MA. After my first couple of lessons, I knew immediately that Ms. Perrone would be the right instructor for me. Ms. Perrone is good-natured and genuinely has improved my technique and musicality. Whenever I have trouble with a section of my music, Ms. Perrone always takes the time to help me refine my piece to perfection. I honestly love taking piano lessons with Ms. Perrone because Ms. Perrone's feedback truly make me more motivated to practice and eager for my next lesson.

I would definitely recommend taking lessons with Ms. Perrone, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player, because Ms. Perrone will always find pieces suitable for you and will help you mature to become a better musician in no time!
    "Rivers School Conservatory Student"

I studied with Ellie from a young age until I went off to college. Ellie was not only a great piano teacher but also a mentor who has become a friend. Lessons with Ellie were always fun; I looked forward to them every week because I felt Ellie was completely invested in helping me be the best pianist I could be. She made me want to work hard so that I could learn more from her. As I grew up, she adapted to my changing needs as a student. When I started with her at seven, she set a strong foundation in technique with fun pieces. As I matured, she gave me more responsibility; she helped me choose repertoire that interested me and directed me towards practice habits I could build myself. Ellie instilled an appreciation for good technique while also encouraging me to be expressive in my playing.

What I learned from Ellie about piano technique, practice, performance, and being a well-rounded musician was invaluable throughout my studies for my Bachelor of Music degree. I couldn't have followed a path in music without her guidance and advice. In addition to that, I feel as though I would not be who I am without the musical and personal lessons I learned from her. It was inspiring for me to learn from someone I admire so much.
    "Former Student"

Our daughter studied piano with Ellie from age 7 to 18. Ellie had the insight to know how much encouragement to give each student in order for them to find their own motivation to practice and improve, balancing work and fun. It was helpful for us too that Ellie was always organized with scheduling and providing information that parents needed.

Seeing Ellie perform gave us the opportunity to understand the breadth of experience she could offer our child in lessons. We were impressed by the amount of thought and study that she put into preparing her own performances; she presented the pieces she played in a context that made them come alive for the audience. She put the same amount of thought into guiding her students through their paths with the piano.

Her studio recitals were a great way to meet other students also working with Ellie, and she made an effort to create a sense of community among her students. In the presence of her students, Ellie came alive with warmth and humor. It was obvious to us that she truly enjoys working with her students.
    "Parents of a Former Student"