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For me, live performance is still the essence of what makes music such an important and vital element of life itself, and why it is so important to keep this art alive.   The combination of sonic effect and the uniqueness of each performance produces a vivid connection to the music and draws the audience into the performer’s world. I believe that the memory of that experience carries over and enriches subsequent listening to recordings, regardless of their source—CD, MP3, YouTube, a car's speakers.

I am highly committed to devising programs that create, for the audience, a musical experience which is more than the sum of its parts.  When incorporating contemporary music in my recital programs, I look for pieces that speak to me with the same musical immediacy as compositions from earlier times and that, like the earlier music, progressively deepen through extended acquaintance and study. The gratifying result is that in this context, diverse members of the audience react with spontaneous enthusiasm toward pieces that they might otherwise never have heard nor sought out.

This is my responsibility:  to communicate to my audience the intensity, excitement, intimacy, and subtleties of the extraordinary music that I am playing, to engage them completely in the recital experience, to inspire, educate, and transform by way of the visceral experience of live performance.