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“Perrone is a pianist who makes you listen.”
The Boston Globe

“…an artist endowed with outstanding artistic attributes…”
Correio Popular (Brazil)

“She attacks a piece with a take-no-prisoners determination...During her recital last night at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she launched into the finale of Beethoven's Sonata in E-flat, Op.27, No. 1, a perpetual motion rondo with leaping-about chords and whole hand-fulls of notes in its climactic section. She set a fast tempo and held it true. Her playing had clarity, definition and energy to spare. ”
Anthony Tommasini, NY Times head music critic, when writing for The Boston Globe

“Performing Maurice Ravel's Concerto in G with complete intimacy, Perrone guided the aural focus to the highest spheres of musical discourse, where the impact of isolated effects is subsumed by extremely creative faithfulness in the treatment of sound relationships. With absolute lightness and plasticity, fingers and hands were activated in an unconventional, but subtly vibrant way. The result was physical impulses in the exact dose needed for the expression of the purest musical substance. Perrone made the audience float. ”
Orlando de Melo, Correio Popular

“Guest pianist Eleanor Perrone brought a delicate and vibrant touch to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue . . . .  Ms. Perrone performed with passion and perfection...”
Scott Prinzing, The Billings Outpost

“One had to admire the transcendent qualities of this artist whose every sound was in perfect equilibrium . . . .  This artist is certainly at present one of the most remarkable pianists of contemporary music.”
The Atelier (Brussels)

“Eleanor Perrone showed a strong personality and a strong technique at work. The lean strength she brought to Scriabin's rather proto-Bergian Op. 74 Preludes was akin to what enlivened her Chopin Op. 39 Scherzo - jagged, a bit hyper, but still structure-minded - and the Schubert D 959 Sonata, which was tense, flinty, opinionated, unreposeful, and intensely alive.”
Richard Buell, The Boston Globe