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Beethoven, Diabelli Variations Op. 120
and Bagatelles Op. 126

She’s a marvelous pianist—apparently flawless technique and crystalline clarity of lines (external and internal). More stunning to me, though, is her musicality: her profound understanding of the work comes through in every phrase, every section, and it's all drawn together under the arch of her rarified conception of the work as a whole. Diabelli is a monster to unify in that way, but she does it beautifully.”
Nicholas England, Former Dean,School of Music, California Institute of the Arts

“Perrone brings a deep understanding of the variations and is technically flawless in execution as Beethoven explores possibilities, from moody early variations to rampant trills in variations 16 and 17. And then there is the darkly minimal variation 20; Perrone does a fine job with this arresting piece....The quality of the audio on this CD is also remarkable; recorded at Methuen Memorial Music Hall, the sound is of audiophile caliber.”
Bostonia Magazine

“Eleanor Perrone takes Beethoven’s trifles seriously, without burdening them with a false grandiosity. With playful ease she endows these pianistic miniatures with a multiplicity of delicately differentiated contours, fills them with eloquent vivacity without falling into the temptation of saying too much.”
Kieler Nachtrichen